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  • EpiSensor- Considerate Hotelier's new partners

    EpiSensor- Considerate Hotelier's new partners

    Posted in The CH Blog

    Leading providers of wireless smart meters

    Considerate Hoteliers is proud to introduce it’s new partner EpiSensor as an ideal hardware solution to enhance the performance of our data monitoring platform Con-Serve with automated data feeds, maximising its functionality.

    EpiSensor is a leading provider of wireless energy monitoring systems that uniquely combine reliability, ruggedness and interoperability to systematically improve energy performance, lower energy costs and reduce environmental impact.

  • Monitoring Energy Consumption through Con-Serve

    Monitoring Energy Consumption through Con-Serve

    Posted in News

    A European luxury hotel has been using Con-Serve to collect data on energy, water and waste. The hotel saw electricity savings of £28.4K in 2015 compared to 2014, which largely resulted from the renegotiation of energy tariffs by the chief engineer at the property. However, electricity consumption per room night fell by 5.5% between 2014 and 2015, indicating greater efficiency in energy usage per guest. 

  • Saving energy through LED lightning solutions by Glamocell

    Saving energy through LED lightning solutions by Glamocell

    Posted in The CH Blog

    Considerate Hoteliers’ LED Lighting supplier, Glamocell UK, provides a range of high performance energy saving LED products and is helping businesses reduce their energy bill by up to 90%.

    We’ve all seen examples of poor quality LEDs in the market place and although some scepticism remains, LED is winning new friends daily.  Big hotel chains, pub owners and cafes are replacing their GU10 and MR16 halogen lamps with LEDs as an immediate and easy way to save on energy costs and maintenance. Today’s LED lamps offer comparable light quality and quick paybacks, often with the reassurance of robust warranties, so it’s a safe decision to make.

  • The Green Hotelier Awards 2016 are now open!

    The Green Hotelier Awards 2016 are now open!

    Posted in News

    Are you the Greenest Hotel of 2016?

    Green Hotelier is looking for the hotels in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas with the best environmental and responsible initiatives and practices.

    Following the success of 2015 when they opened the Green Hotelier Awards to hotels all over the world, they’re again searching for hotels of any size or location which are working hard to be responsible businesses by reducing their carbon footprint, their water use and their waste output; which are positively impacting their local community and have fair labour practices and good employee initiatives. Green Hotelier wants to hear about your environmentally responsible journey. Why did you decide to set out on the path, and where has it taken you?

  • WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards announces 2016 Finalists

    WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards announces 2016 Finalists

    Posted in News

    The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has announced the 15 Finalists for its 2016 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards in the five categories; Community, Destination, Environment, Innovation and People. The 15 Finalists, which were chosen after a rigorous judging process, showcase the highest level of sustainability practices within the Travel & Tourism sector.

    The Tourism for Tomorrow Awards programme celebrates business leadership that works towards a more sustainable future of our sector by educating and inspiring governments, travellers and other tourism businesses.