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Why Work With Us?

The Considerate Hoteliers team is here to help you move forward and fulfill your role as an environmentally responsible business within the hospitality industry, by providing support and solutions.

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  • The only sustainability
    data system of its kind

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The Bigger Picture

Many hospitality businesses are not aware of the astounding reductions
(and savings) they could and should be making. Let us show you.

  • 1,262,640.98 kWh

    Total electricity reduction
    across all users

  • 2,158,097.61 kWh

    Total gas reduction
    across all users

  • 79,019,359.07 litres

    Total water reduction
    across all users

  • 911,839.73 kg CO2

    Total CO2 emissions reduction
    across all users


Last year, Con-Serve™ users saved the equivalent of thirty-two
Olympic-sized swimming pools in water, alone.

Better Business

Tread softly upon our precious landscapes, conserve energy and lower your costs. We show you how (and why) these changes are not only more responsible, but a smarter way to run your hospitality business. These outputs reflect the success of a hotel group that is using the Con-Serve™ data management system.


Absorb and Grow

Our bespoke workshops equip both business leaders and employees with the tools to implement real change and reach important targets.